Most organisations have bold ambitions and great intentions.   And yet… we know many employees feel overworked and stressed out.  They share with us that they don’t feel appreciated.  

And they aren’t great at appreciating others.  They are not sure why they are doing their work.  They get conflicting messages from their ‘dotted reporting lines’ and other ‘stakeholders’.  They feel weary of another reorganisation. 


They have great ideas and see the risks, but they feel they are not being heard.  Sound familiar? 

We are passionate about turning things around and supporting you to make your organisation…. the one you intend it to be.  


The kind of challenges we address



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Our Values

We have three core values that underpin how we work with clients, colleagues and the organisations they are part of:



We are constantly curious about society; the events, cultures, organisations and structures that shape it. We are deeply curious about individuals; their aspirations, hopes, fears and their potential.



We care passionately about our team and wider network of partners we collaborate with, the organisations we work with and the individuals who choose to work with them.  Creating trust and operating with integrity is, for us, the foundation upon which we can do good work.  



We are committed to achieving great results, for individuals and their organisations.  We place great importance on establishing the real need, defining successful outcomes and working together to achieve these.




I have worked with Felicity a number of times over the past 6-years in particular on business culture and values. She was exceptional on how she framed the activities and engagement as well as supporting a very powerful and positive discussion and helping to create a momentum of change across the whole organisation.
— John Carey – Deputy CEO, ADNOC Disribution
Felicity supported me as my work coach through a particularly challenging period in my career helping me deal with some very challenging people issues and make the personal transition from manager to leader. She was highly effective and many of the approaches she helped me develop still live with me.
— Hilary Perchard – Fox
I can say without reservation that she is an absolute expert at understanding people, people dynamics and how to help people be the very best they can be. She is totally professional, has an incredible facilitation style and is just lovely to work with. I really enjoy working with her and I highly recommend you do the same!
— Robin Collie – MD, Food@Work LTD


Our Clients



Our Partners

We often work with the following companies to enhance what we do

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