Executive Profiling

A best-in-class, experiential solution to give an accurate, objective assessment of a leader.  Key outputs include a summary of strengths, development areas and potential.  Applications are for selection, benchmarking performance, promotion and development.


1. Defining excellence

Identifying and defining excellence for the leader/ role using high performers, ambitions and existing frameworks, or developing one with you.

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2. Creating a Profiling Process/ Simulation

Designing a best-in-class solution against the ‘Excellence’ framework.  All solutions built-in and engaging process and create self-awareness and learning.  Underpinned by psychological rigour and best practice


3. Profiling Leaders

Assessing leaders which can include training internal colleagues where required.

4. Feedback to client

Sharing outcomes with evidence (face: face, reports as agreed).

Felicity is a delight to work with! She helped me through a very critical period in my career. During our structured professional coaching sessions, we identified key milestones, actions and facts about myself and my style of working that helped me get to my end objective.
— Marianne Ibrahim – Associate Director, THE PLANNING SHOP
Felicity is an outstanding business psychologist, trainer and facilitator. I worked alongside Felicity at NATS Ltd delivering an Influencing Skills programme for which her company was selected through a competitive tender. Her depth of her knowledge of MBTI and her ability to bring it to life, make it fun & relevant.
— Tony Whybrow – Director, Franklyn Whybrow Consulting